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More bad news, an ear problem, Ozzy puked.

When is the bad news going to stop? I just found out that one of my long time best friends dad died. He was only 64 years old. I can't imagine what he's going though. All of this is just too depressing.

In other news, I'm STILL getting over my sinus infection. I've been on antibitoics for 4 days. The bad part is that my right ear is still really congested and I can't hear out of it very well. I've been taking a Decongetiant but nothing seems to help. Anyone have a suggestion? It doesn't hurt but I can't hear and my ear is ringing. The doc. said I didn't have an ear infection. This is annoying.

Our New Year's Eve was spent playing Scrabble until 3:30am and drinking champagne with Michael's sister and her boyfriend. It was actually really fun! It's so difficult to play Scrabble when you're drinking! ha! I offered to get up with Vivien the next morning because Michael let me sleep in both Sat. and Sun. So I got 4 1/2 hours of sleep. I felt delirious all day. Not fun when you're around the inlaws. We went to Savannah to Michael's grandmothers house for New Year's dinner. Then, we drove to Richmond Hill to see my mother-in-law and her husband. They had been out of town for a funeral so we still hadn't exchanged presents with them. Vivien got some great toys and they're going to help us by a couch and loveseat. Yay!!! We didn't get back until 9pm.

I was so tired, but I didn't go right to bed because it takes me a while to wind down before I can go to sleep. I went to bed at around 11pm and was woken up at 5am by our cat Ozzy puking beside our bed! If you have ever heard a cat throw up, it's the most disgusting sound in the world especially when you're trying to sleep! I don't know what was wrong with him but he puked all over my new bathroom rug so I had to clean it right away and put in the washer. It took me another 30 minutes to fall back asleep. Poor kitty.
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a Christmas cold

Of course, I caught Vivien's cold. Why wouldn't I? I have great luck! I feel like shit on a stick. Vivien woke up 3 times last night, so I hardly got any sleep. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. She didn't have a fever or anything so I gave her some more cold medecine. She absolutely hates it now and is refusing both her antibiotic and the children's Benadryl. My mom woke up with me the second time and helped me give it to her.

Tomorrow we are having our family Christmas party minus one. My cousins husband got stuck in Denver. Luckily he got a flight out on Xmas eve so he can be with his kids for Christmas day.

Ugh. Everything hurts. My face hurts. Even my teeth hurt. I'm sneezing my head off. My throat is killing me. Vivien is trying to go to sleep. Maybe I should too.
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Elf yourself fool

This is hillarious. Check out

Vivien keeps messing with the silver beads on the tree. She thinks it's one long necklace. Ha. Between Vivien and the cats, this tree is going to be so destroyed by Christmas. I've already fixed the beads a hundred times.


We just got back from the MOMS Club Halloween party about an hour ago. It was fun but FREEZING. There was one lady who was kind of bossing everyone around. Maybe she was the president. I have no idea. I've never even seen her before! She kept telling us where to gather, like our kids were just goin to sit there or something. Yeah right! We had a blast on the playgroud. We were right by the water so it was really windy. I was not prepared for that. I hope she doesn't get a cold. I don't even have a coat for her yet! Vivien had fun though and I took a few pictures when I got the chance. I'll try to upload some later but my camera is dead!

My bed is looking really comfy right about now.
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It's the great pumpkin!

Hi ladies! Is it just me or was this weekend not long enough? I woke up feeling incredibly tired this morning. I don't know what I would do without my Starbucks!

This weekend was pretty fun. I got some projects accomplished around the house. I'm quite proud of myself actually because I made my first wreath!! I think it looks pretty damn good. It was a very tedious project. What surprised me was that I really enjoyed it. I usually don't have patience for detailed crafts.

I also bought these wallpaper type stick-ons for Vivien's room. I'm making a border around the top of the walls. They look like handpainted dragonflys. Right now they are up temporarily, but I plan on finishing when Michael gets home. They look way cuter than they sound. When I told my mom, she was like "that sounds TACKY." They're not! I promise! I'll post pics when I'm done.

Saturday we took Vivien to what I thought was going to be a "real" pumpkin patch. It was actually a place on the side of the road in Beaufort called Lowcountry Produce. Although it wasn't a real pumpkin patch, it was still really neat and fun. I didn't realize how long it was going to take us to get there, so I was pretty antsy in the car. I'm sorry. My husbands driving makes me CRAZY. Needless to say, I drove on the way back. Vivien had a great time running around looking at the pumpkins. It didn't occur to me that she would pick them up but she did! She kept picking up the smaller ones and throwing them. Now I know why some of the pumpkins were dented. ;) Ha! They had some animals there, too. There were some cute fat spotted bunnies, a few goats and a couple of pigs. There was a little baby black piggy. He was so cute and stinky! I guess they normally have a hay ride but we got there about 30 minutes before closing time, so they weren't offering rides. They had a little store with homemade jams and jellies. It smelled so good from outside but we didn't have time to go in. They closed at 5pm on the dot! We got three pumpkins and headed home.

We hung out with a few friends Saturday night. It was NOT fun. Another couple was there with their two rowdy ass kids. As soon as I put Vivien down to play with their two and half year old, he ran up and slapped Vivien. Not a good sign. He kept pushing and hitting Vivien and the mother didn't do a damn thing about it. He ended up hitting Vivien with a golf club. Luckily, it was the rubber end! It still hurt enough for her to cry for a few minutes. Who would give that child a golf club to play with??? Ugh! I hate parents who don't discipline their children!!! Me and Michael spent the entire time watching over all of the kids, so it was not enjoyable for either of us. We didn't stay long.

I started my Christmas shopping on Sunday! I found some awesome pj's so I bought a pair for my mom and monster-in-law. I also bought an awesome pink and purple leather photo album for my 14 year old cousin. It's so difficult shopping for a 14 year old! I bought Vivien some new pj's too. It's a one piece fleece with footies. Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see her running around in these little pj's! What a cutie!!!! Her room gets so cold at night. She might need to wear them soon! We actually had to turn on the heat the other night!

Here are some pics from this weekend!
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